Painting with Acrylics

用丙烯酸的绘画can be rewarding, easy and fun. It's one of my favorite types of paint, because it is so versatile. Acrylics can be used in many different ways to create many different styles of art.

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On this site I will share with you the techniques that I used to create each type of artwork. Whether you want to learn to paint abstract art or photorealism, this site will show you how to do it. Scroll through the Table of Contents below and see what strikes your fancy!

Acrylic Painting Table of Contents

Basic characteristics of acrylics

Read anoverview of the basic characteristics of acrylics。这将有助于使用丙烯酸涂料时用预期的内容做好准备!另请参阅用丙烯酸涂料创建的不同类型艺术品的一些例子。

Acrylic Painting Supplies

Learn about all thebasic art supplies这对于用丙烯酸绘画至关重要。此页面介绍了使用丙烯酸的入门必要的艺术用品,其中包含更多信息!

How to Paint Photorealism

Read this in-depth 15-page关于如何在丙烯酸类中绘制质量主义的逐步指南。Contains everything you need to know about painting photorealistically in acrylics, from start to finish!

How to Paint Abstract

An easy lesson onhow to paint abstract art with acrylics。Includes progress photos and instructions for creating your very own colorful abstract painting! Suitable for all skill levels.


准备清漆完成的亚克力绘画?找出如何清漆丙烯酸绘画, with tips and step-by-step instructions.


  • 丙烯酸涂料: Find out what acrylic paints you should get if you want to get started with acrylic paintings. If you're a total beginner to painting with acrylics, learn what paints are best for you!

    • 金色涂料is one of the best brands of acrylics. Find out why, and learn about the different types of acrylics they offer.

  • Artist Palette Guide:需要帮助选择艺术家调色板吗?阅读这方面Artist Palette Guidewhich provides an overview of the 9 main types of palettes available. Also includes handy tips for keeping your acrylic paints from drying out!

  • 丙烯酸涂料的其他表面:除了画布外,还有几种其他表面可以用丙烯酸涂料涂上涂料,如木材,金属,纸张等。了解这些各种表面!

  • Gesso: What is gesso and why is it important? Find out! Learn about all the different types of gesso. Discover how to prime canvas with acrylic gesso.

  • Artist Easels:了解大约10种不同类型的画架,并找出哪一个适合您!

  • 丙烯酸纹理介质:了解如何通过使用丙烯酸纹理凝胶或媒体为亚克力绘画添加额外的尺寸!

  • : Learn about different types of acrylic varnish (resin and polymer) and the sheens available (glossy, satin and matte).

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我编制了一个人的问题列表,人们多年来一直问我,以及我的答案。你可以浏览它们Acrylic Painting Techniques & Tipspage.

Examples of Acrylic Paintings


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丙烯酸类是水基,这意味着与之不同油漆, they can be thinned with water and cleaned with water. They are also non-toxic and non-smelly. For the eco- or health-conscious, this makes acrylics a more attractive option. Acrylic paints can mimic the quality of oil paints, but without the toxicity and clean-up issues that go along with oils. When thinned with lots of water, acrylics can also mimic the qualities of水彩

丙烯酸漆快速干燥。这可以具有其优点和缺点。有一件事,如果你想快速工作,用丙烯酸的绘画很棒。如果你犯了一个错误,它也很容易“过去”。快速干燥时间的主要缺点是有时它可能难以混合颜色,但这可以通过使用来弥补Open Acrylics(需要更长时间干燥)或通过在丙烯酸介质中混合,如延迟器(which extends drying time) orwetting agent(which increases color and blendability).

丙烯酸类are very versatile, which means they can achieve many different effects and be easily used for a variety ofstyles。For instance, they can be applied thickly or thinly. The texture and consistency can be modified withacrylic gels,丙烯酸介质, or糊涂料创建各种效果。例如,您可以添加sand gel要么玻璃珠凝胶创造时髦的纹理。或者你可以将丙烯酸混合在一起透明焦油凝胶产生一个非常适合滴水的弦乐,焦油般的涂料。




The final finish of the painting can be altered with gloss, matte, or satin varnish. When properly varnished, acrylic paintings不需要在玻璃后面构成。They can be hung directly on the wall. You can even paint the edges of the canvas to match the front, for a cool contemporary aesthetic. If they collect dust, simply wipe the surface gently with a damp cloth.


Acrylic Painting Courses

Boost your skill set with these recommended courses from Skillshare and The Great Courses Plus! I use these platforms almost every day (as a paying subscriber) so that I can keep adding to my artistic toolbox! You can get instant access by signing up for a免费试用,我会得到一个有助于的小委员会支持这个网站!

Acrylic Painting Basics

Acrylic Painting: Learn the Basics For Beginners

这2小时Acrylic Painting Basics course技巧将以简洁的逐步的方式携带与丙烯酸的基础知识。



如果您想要更深入的课程,这24讲如何绘制课程from TheGreat Courses Plus将教你所有你需要了解绘画的人。